April 10 at noon EDT

Via Zoom Meeting Software

We experience a time of change. So we are changing our plans. We will use a format that is appropriate for this situation. Sure, we still hope that we will be able to meet November 13-15, 2020 in person but we will not let uncertainty dictate our plan of action.

Because of this, we are happy to announce that this year’s conference will officially kick-off THIS FRIDAY, April 10 at noon EDT.

Join us for the opening event at https://NewSchool.zoom.us/j/672505772


  • Trebor Scholz Founding Director of the Institute for the Cooperative Digital Economy, Platform Cooperativism Consortium, The New School

  • Thomas Doennebrink Partner at SUPERMARKT

  • Jonas Pentzien Research Fellow, Institute for the Cooperative Digital Economy

  • Ela Kagel Co-Initiator, Platform Co-op Berlin

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